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Observer Corps

Are you an astute observer?

Do you want to be more knowledgeable about your local government?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, your League has a great

opportunity for you to use your skills and grow your knowledge base. We have launched an

Observer Corps Program to connect you with your local government in a meaningful way.

As a member of the Observer Corps, you would attend and fill out a simple form recording

important decisions made at local governmental meetings. You and a cohort would select

one particular agency (such as the County Commission, the Port Authority, the School

Board, etc.) and one of you would observe and record the activities of that meeting. Then,

submit the form to another designated League member and you’re done until your next

scheduled meeting of that group.

Observer programs benefit you, the observer, as well as the organization you are

observing and our community by:

• Connecting you with your local government or agency

• Promoting open, transparent and accountable government

• Connecting local officials with their constituents and with the League

• Educating the public about issues impacting our community

• Identifying areas where action or improvement is needed

The League currently observes these and other agencies:

• Brevard County Commission

• Canaveral Port Authority

• Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization

• Brevard Public School Board

• Brevard Economic Development Commission

• Brevard Tourist Development Council

If you are actively engaged in consistently attending other organizations or agencies, (e.g.:

municipalities such as City of Cocoa, Melbourne Beach, North Brevard Economic Zone, etc.)

we would like you to be reporting through the Observer Corps.

Please consider joining this Observer Corps Program. Your League needs you to

be informed on behalf of your friends and neighbors. In addition, you learn about issues

and processes that make our local government work. It’s a great way to really begin or

strengthen your political involvement in a positive way. If you would like to volunteer,

please send a brief email indicating your interest to Gloria Parra at State

your name and, if you have a preference for monitoring a particular agency, please note

which one you prefer. Note that a training session is required in order to participate.

Observer Corps Reports: