2017-2018 Board for LWV Space Coast

Co-Presidents - Barbara Williams and Kathy Wall  

1st Vice President - Sharon Reynolds Mixon - Voter Service Chair

2nd Vice President - Marilynn Collins - Publicity

Secretary - Audrey Grayson - Speakers Bureau

Treasurer - Brigitte Sinton

Director - Marcia Booth - Facebook and Recycling Awards Coordinator

Director - Joyce Calese - International Relations

Director - Lorraine Koss - Florida Sun and Indian River Lagoon

Director - Debra Mischley - Membership Chair

Director - Lucia Watson - Voter Editor and Webpage

Director - Alberta Wilson - Justice

Appointed Director - Education - Linda Scales

Appointed Director - Health - Diane Conaway

Appointed Director - Local Government - Ron Bobay

Appointed Director - Natural Resources - Susan Little

Appointed Director - Women's Issues - Jacqueline Chandler

Off Board Chair - Martha Bradshaw - Chair of Telephone Committee

Off Board Chair - Jo Shim - Chair of Nominating Committee

Off Board Consultant for Natural Resources - Maureen Rupe

Off Board Consultant for Sustainability - Terry Mott

The LWV Space Coast President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected by the general membership at the annual meeting. The President, first Vice President and Secretary are elected in odd numbered years and the second Vice President and Treasurer are elected in even numbered years thus all terms of office are two years.