The LWVSC's Program of Work for 2017-2018 is as follows:

Education Program - Fran Baer and Linda Scales - Co-Chairs

  1. Monitor and report the results of Brevard Public Schools' status and student achievement results.
  2. Monitor and report the implementation of Florida Standards in Brevard Public Schools.
  3. Support the homeless children and children of low socio-economic status attending Brevard Public Schools.
  4. Monitor and report on the status of early childhood education in Brevard County concentrating on greater accountability and transparency in financial management and reporting.
  5. Research, monitor and report on the adequacy of and advances in technology in Brevard Public Schools.
  6. Continue to monitor charter schools in Brevard County concentrating on greater accountability and transparency in financial management and reporting.
  7. Promote civics and citizen education for all secondary school students in Brevard Public Schools.
  8. Monitor and report on the imlementation of the half cent sur-tax on sales funding Brevard Public Schools.
  9. Explore the extent and oversight of school vouchers given to Brevard County private schools from public and/ or private funding.
  10. Monitor and report on the status of equitable access to all educational programs in Brevard Public Schools.
  11. Monitor legislative actions related to the allocation of State funds to Charter Schools.

Health Care Program - Diane Conaway and Susan Webb - Co-Chairs

  1. Monitor and report on any changes to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and advocate for adequate health insurance coverage for all Floridians.
  2. Monitor changes to Medicare and the Florida Medicaid program.
  3. Monitor funding and implementation of children's health insurance programs including:
    1. Efforts to provide basic health care for all children in Brevard County.
    2. Outreach to increase enrollment in the Kidcare program for eligible children.
  4. Monitor and advocate for major health issues with an emphasis on:
    1. Mental Health
    2. HIV/AIDS
    3. Women's Health Issues
    4. Oral Health Services

Justice Program   - Alberta Wilson - Chair

  1. Support for revisiting the Felon Restoration Initiative of collecting the remaining 900,000 signatures.
  2. Continue meeting with Brevard County Felon Re-entry Coalition.
  3. Monitor Juvenile Injustice and Racial Profiling in Brevard County.
  4. Initiate Human Trafficking awareness campaign.
  5. Host legislative delegation seminar/luncheon.
  6. Request periodic updated statistics on discipline from Brevard County Schools Administration.
  7. Investigate alternative to juvenile incarceration; look at increasing Diversion Programs for Juveniles.
  8. Monitor and advocate, as appropriate, gun legislation, in conjunction with the LWVF Gun Safety Action Team.

Local Government Program   - Ron Bobay - Chair

  1. Continue development of the Observer Corp.
  2. Study Sustainability and institutions that may offer programs to include Brevard County and promote them through the League to the membership and community members and make recommendations for developing a Sustainability Program.
  3. Partner with the Natural Resources Committee on continuing developments concerning the industrialization of Port Canaveral and make appropriate recommendations.
  4. Continue to study Brevard County's economic incentives and how it is administered by the Economic Development Council (EDC) and make recommendations.
  5. Continue to study the office of a non-partisan Inspector General in local government (county and municipal) and make recommendations.
  6. Study the Comprehensive Planning Process in Brevard County to include the unincorporated and incorporated municipalities and make recommendations.

Natural Resources Program   - Susan Little - Chair

  1. Monitor, act and provide timely information to the public on the protection of the Indian River Lagoon System, all surface waters and the St. Johns River to include:
    1. Monitor the Wetlands Guidelines implementations by the Board of County Commissioners of Brevard and the municipalities of Brevard County.
    2. Monitor the Fertilizer Ordinance adoption and implementation of the Board of County Commissioners of Brevard and the municipalities of Brevard County.
    3. Monitor the BMAP (Basin Management Action Plan) program as set forth by the FDEP (Florida Department of Environmental Protection) .
    4. Monitor, support and provide timely information on the activities of our partner, the Brevard Indian River Lagoon Coalition.
    5. Monitor and provide timely information regarding the dispensation of state and federal funds by the Indian River Lagoon Natural Estuary Program.
    6. Monitor, act and provide timely information on the dispensation of funds from the Brevard Indian River Lagoon sales tax referendum.
  2. Educate and encourage recycling by all Brevard residents and businesses.
    1. Review Brevard's municipalities' progress toward the recycling targets as defined in their collection contracts.
    2. Study the return policies of local stores and laws pertaining to donation of returned items including examination of the costs incurred by business to handle items no longer allowed to be sold and formulation of best practices guidelines to facilitate more donations and less waste.
    3. Advocate for more ample, affordable and easy to understand and follow recycling programs for residents, businesses and public places.
  3. Monitor, act and provide timely information to the public regarding alternative energies including solar and the public policies that guide the implementation of alternative energy, both for the electrical grid and for personal conveyance.
  4. Monitor, act and provide timely information to the public regarding offshore and onshore drilling and exploration issues in Florida, including but not limited to hydraulic fracking and acid fracking and seismic testing off-shore of Florida.
  5. Monitor, act and provide timely information to the public regarding growth actions and policies of Brevard County, the municipalities and surrounding regions as they affect Brevard County.
  6. Monitor, act and provide timely information to the public to ensure the full and fair implementation of the Florida Water and Land Conservation Amendment.
  7. Working in conjunction with the Local Government Committee,monitor, act, and provide timely information to the public upon any proposals of the Canaveral Port Authority to construct a freight rail extension to the Port or to develop the Port into a major commercial freight site.
  8. Review and revise, as appropriate, the "Natural Resources Position Statement" that appears in the 2015-2016 LWVSC Membership Book.

Women's Issues Program - Jacqueline Chandler - Chair

  1. Monitor legislative bills that could have a detrimental effect on Florida's women and children thereby putting them at potential risk.
  2. Track the progress of legislation, committee reviews, bill status and alert league membership as well as aligned organizations and groups of the need for "Calls to Action".
  3. Encourage county and state public officials and our state governor to do the necessary, independent bipartisan expert sociological and economic studies on the likely impact of proposed new laws on Florida's women and children, including quantifying their fiscal impact.
  4. Encourage and support properly funded state budgets for Social Services, Legal Aid, Health and Welfare, and Domestic Violence initiatives to insure that necessary resources and services are provided.
  5. Coordinate with other central Florida bi-partisan organizations to share strategies and tactics to improve the legislation and the overall legislative climate towards women's and children's welfare in Florida.
  6. Work with LWVFL state board to formulate a state-wide "family law" position and work statements based on best practices in other state leagues to equitably protect women's and children's health and well being.
  7. Monitor, study and respond to issues which affect the well being of women and children on local, state and national levels.