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Date of Event:  September 27, 2017
Place: Suntree Country Club

Chris McAlpine, JD, Sr Vice President/Chief Transformation Officer Parrish Medical Center
Audrey Joiner, ARNP, Exec Dir Space Coast Volunteers in Medicine
Scott Darius
, Exec Dir Florida Voices for Health
Chris Heissenbuttel, B Pharm, Walgreens Pharmacy Manager

Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal, MD,Ophthalmologist and founder of the Eye Clinic and Laser Institute
Alejandro Espaillat, MD, Eye physician and surgeon, Eye Clinic & Laser Institute


Britt Kennerly, Florida Today Deputy Public Opinion Editor

Follow-up Q&A: The following are questions that we did not have time to ask our panelists to respond to:
1. "We read in this morning's paper that insurance rates will rise 47% in 2018. what do you consider the number 1 reason for this hike?"
2.  "Why don't we allow negotiated pricing with big PHARMA companies and hospitals and doctors to level the playing field so similar procedures/drugs cost similar prices regardless of location?"
3.  "Do dental providers [who provide free care] also replace a tooth that needed to be pulled so [patient] may look for employment?"
4.  "Opioid 'crisis' kicks out chronic pain patients. CDC never did long study to parse out exactly WHO was dying. Is this a refection of fact we have NO MENTAL HEALTH CARE [available]?
5. Space Coast Volunteers in Medicine is a faith-based care organization. Are they cognizant of LGBT health issues and do they provide aid to this community?
6. "Mayo Clinic offers true integrative care. Why aren't there more health care clinics modeled after Mayo where doctors' fees aren't based on the number of patients they can push through the system with minimal time spent with each patient?"